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Home Ownership: Who Benefits?

Publish date: 8th March 2011

We have been working with them, behind the scenes, for a number of months now to try to re-launch this scheme that’s already seen us help over 1000 people successfully buy their own home. However following the Government’s decision to slash SMI benefit KRBS were forced to break the longstanding link between this figure and its standard variable rate. Given the relatively modest profit levels that would result from these changes it has regrettably decided that it can no longer currently provide this type of mortgage product.

This is not the end however, just a new beginning. We had already identified potential new lenders and are now in the process of approaching them. We also have a number of alternative options for funding home ownership for people with a disability, although these ideas are still in their earliest stages of development. Please be assured however that we remain determined to bring home ownership back to people that so richly deserve it, even if this now takes us a while to achieve.

In the meantime we would like to thank KRBS for supporting us and our buyers for so many years. Without their open minded, forward thinking attitude this scheme may never have got off the ground in the first place and home ownership wouldn’t be the viable, life changing housing option that it became.

The MySafeHome Team

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